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Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort***** proposes a selection of sessions, exclusively created for its Spa by the famous biomechanics engineer Jean-Jacques Rivet, who is the Director of Sport Performance Department of the European Tour Performance Institute, and biomechanics  research associate at the Aix Marseille University.

Thanks to high tech equipment, the Biomecasport concept help us to draw up your muscle potential assessment, in order to work on your strengths and counteract your weaknesses.


This unique concept is a guarantee to to make the most of your daily gestures or sport activities.


We propose you adapted programs to the Spa of Terre Blanche, based on the Biomecaswing method.

Hypervolt Use.png

Regain your freedom of movement and well-being with the flexibility & energy balance program.


Combining unique methods exclusively created by JJ Rivet and thanks to the Hypervolt by HyperIce and the Huber (co-developped by JJ Rivet), you will release your muscular tensions, improving your body’s energetic and structural balance.


Timing: 40 minutes / séance


Price: 160.00 Euros

Package10 sessions: 1400 Euros

Boost your body !


The Biomecaswing method evaluates your body’s mobility capacity. This concept suits those who are perfectly fit as well as people suffering further to physical efforts or inadapted movements.


Our program spa performance analysis will help you to regain energy, strength and flexibility.


Timing: 90 minutes


• Body analysis, balance test and personalised diagnosis.
•Personal recommendations will be delivered at the end of the session, in order for you to work on specific movements at home.

Price:  400.00 Euros

The postural re-harmonization program was created to help you restore your muscular and morphological balance, thanks to a global posture - tonicity and muscle coordination - assessment.

First of all, our team will proceed with a Physiological Scan to create your morphological profile and will measure your performance level during specifics exercises.

Once the assessment is achieved, our team will set up an overview of your strengths and weaknesses, and will provide you recommendation to improve your balance.

Based on the high-level athletes training method, this program may be accompanied by exercises on the «Huber Motion Lab» or by adapted physical preparation.


Timing: 60 minutes


•  30 minutes of morphological analysis, elasticity, tonicity and muscle coordination assessment.
• 30 minutes of corrective exercises to improve any weak area and body balance.


Price: 360.00 Euros


Optimize your physical preparation with the Miha Bodytech Electromyostimulation System (EMS).


Leader in the field, take advantage of this innovative technology and our expertise to help you achieve your goals. Increased strength and muscle mass, reduced fat, the device adapts to your needs.


Timing: 40 minutes / session


Price: 110.00 Euros

Package10 sessions: 1000 Euros

NB : A postural re-harmonization program is required before starting the EMS Training

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