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Biomecaswing proposes the following professional seminars:


  • The methods of analysis of the body

  • The methods of analysis of the movement

  • The use of the tools of analysis and solutions employed in applied Biomechanics

Whether you are a coach, doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, strength and conditioning coach or athlete our programmes can be adapted to the demand and to the specific requirements of everybody.

To know the next training dates and have more information, contact us!


 ETPI training :

  • Stoke Park (UK)

  • Bois d’Arlon (Belgium)

PGA training :

  • Championsgate (USA)

  • Séoul (Corée)

  • Allemagne

SIDAS training (Podiatrist) :

  • Voiron (France, Isère)


Training to Come

Flyer_Eduprat 2020-1.png

Formation bénéficiant d'une prise en charge DPC

Plus d'informations :

Session 2020
Vendredi 25 - Samedi 26 septembre

JJ Rivet

Why We're Great >

Head of Biomechanics and Sport Performance  - European Tour Performance Institute

Head of  European Under Armour Innovation Center

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Chris Murtagh

Why We're Great >

Stoke Park

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