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Biomecaswing academies, managed by founder Jean-Jacques Rivet, integrate biomechanics and technology to enhance golfers' performance. With tailored programs analysing posture, mobility, and balance, we customise gameplay for players of all levels. 


Drawing from over three decades of experience, our specialised programs at Stoke Park and Bois d’Arlon deliver guaranteed improvements to your swing. Our unique Biomecaswing Fitme® Concept, developed for golf but applicable to any sport, maximises your athletic potential. 

The goal of the Biomecaswing Fitme Concept is a clear and guaranteed improvement of your golf swing.

This unique guarantee is one that only Biomecaswing can give you because the starting point for the Biomecaswing process is to establish a scientifically precise determination of your body's abilities, potential and morphology.

The computer-assisted biomechanical analysis of your swing is correlated with a morphological diagnosis of your skeletal structure, your neuro-motor system and your physical efficiency. This detailed analysis will  pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. The findings will show you how to make ultimate use of your golf swing. This way you can increase your strengths and learn how to deal with the limits of your physiology.


This concept originally developed for golf is also suitable for any other sport, regardless of the level of the athlete considered.

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