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Following an intense round of golf, it's essential to unwind - and this goes beyond just clearing your mind. Our Biomecaswing relaxation treatment is designed to alleviate tension and stress in your body through massage and systematic stretching.


Duration : 20 or 30 minutes 

Price : 160 € to 210

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Elevate your physical efficiency and coordination with our specialised program. Utilising the legendary Huber Motion Lab, the only device in the world capable of simultaneously engaging all muscle groups, we'll help you achieve optimal results.


The Strength Conditioning Program is designed to enhance your strength in a balanced and harmonious manner.


Duration : 20 minutes 

Price : 145

In numerous sports, a solid stance is fundamental to achieving success.


Our Swing Stabilising Program, developed in collaboration with SIDAS, is designed with a singular aim: to train with footwear that perfectly matches your individual posture and motion.


By ensuring better foot grounding, you'll unlock improved performance potential.


Duration : 40 minutes 

Price : 290 € 

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