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After an exhausting round of golf, you need to relax - and that doesn't just apply to your brain. The Biomecaswing relaxation treatment will release your body from the effects of tension and stress using massage and systematic stretching .


Duration : 20 or 30 minutes 

Price : 160 € ou 210 €

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Spine force.jpg


We will help you to hone your physical efficiency in the field of coordination. In order to achieve the best possible results, you work with the only device in the world that works all the muscles simultaneously: the legendary Huber Motion Lab.

The Strength Conditioning Programme will help you develop your strength in a harmonious way.


Duration : 20 minutes 

Price : 145 € 

A good stance is the key to success in many sports.

The Swing Stabilising Program was developed in conjunction with SIDAS, with one clear objective - to train in shoes that fit you, your posture and your motion.


With better foot grounding, you will achieve better results.


Duration : 40 minutes 

Price : 290 € 

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