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Welcome to Biomecaswing, where science meets performance to elevate your movement and optimise your sporting gestures. Founded by Jean-Jacques Rivet, the Biomecaswing concept employs a scientific approach to analyse the crucial parameters governing human movement, ensuring tangible enhancements in your performance.


Whether you're a top-tier athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, Biomecaswing offers tailored solutions to address your specific needs. Our headquarters are located at the iconic Stoke Park, just outside of London, providing a picturesque setting conducive to focused training and development. Additionally, our European Headquarters is situated at Bois d'Arlon, nestled in the oasis of green at the very heart of the Greater Region in Belgium, offering a tranquil environment ideal for refining your skills.


Biomecaswing prides itself on a diverse network of partners, including esteemed professionals from various fields such as doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrist, medical experts, golf professionals and scientific committees. Collaborating with industry leaders, we deliver holistic solutions that encompass biomechanics, physiology, and wellness.


Become part of our community of empowered athletes and share your success story in our testimonials. 







m² dedicated to optimization


'' I met JJ Rivet at the Evian Championship and I directly adhered to what he said.


On this occasion we worked on the supports and I immediately felt the difference.


Biomechanics is very useful, it is an important part of improving my game. I really like working with JJ Rivet and David Leadbetter, they help me to be more consistent and stable with my whole body.





We work together to refine my accuracy while gaining power.


It is important for me to work on parameters allowing a very fast improvement.


- Lydia Ko, World No. 1 (2015)

Youngest player in history to win LPGA Tour tournament

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